Experience the music of Pain of Brain, ranging from Metal to ....NOT Jazz.

Playing together for more than 15 years, our style has evolved into a mixture of a lot of different musical styles. Along influences of 80s Rock and Prog Metal you can clearly hear some hints of Melodic-Death-Metal and maybe even some Jazz...maybe...sometimes...


Take a little Studio Tour with us!

Here you can see our small but nice equipment we use to create the magic!


NEW VIDEO - How to build a SubKick

How to build a subkick!
Will it sound in the mix?

Here´s the answer...

Go check it out!

NEW VIDEO - Real Drums v Superior Drummer

drums / superior drummer / metal / recording
We did a little comparisom video between real recorded drums and samples drums using Superior Drummer.
No reverb or other effects were used, only EQ and compression...

Go check it out!

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